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Doc. Lasher's Office

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Welcome to Doctor Lasher's Office.
Here at Lasher's Office I will put up a question or comment every day or so about Sex and/or Relationships or anything eles along those lines. So feel free to comment, discuss, bitch, explain, or share past or present experiances on the subject of that day.

Also if you have any comment or questions that you would like to see up here please E-mail them to me and I will put them up in the order that I get them.

Please keep in mind that I will post the new subject every day or so. So send them when ever something comes up.
Oh just one more thing. I realized that some of the subjects here could be some what embarasing to a few people. So feel free to reply anonymous if you like to not have others know who you are. I would like to hear from everyone and anyone.

Thank You and enjoy